Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Basement and The Diner: the podcast cliffhanger

It's no secret that we in The Basement are proud members of the 2nd Unit Podcast Network, a collection of groovy and talented podcasters intent on world domination via entertaining the masses.

We also like to spam their Facebook page with our content, but what are friends for?

On Saturday, after months of planning, Shawn and I sit down with 2nd Unit brethren Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner to record two parts of a podcast-cliffhanger experiment. We're going to review two movies, featuring one on The Diner and the other in The Basement. In order to hear our complete thoughts on each film you'll have to listen to both shows.

Bastards we are.

What movies will we be reviewing? Cross has picked a couple of 1970s car chase classics to thrill and chill you and hopefully make for interesting chatter. First up is the 1974 Peter Fonda/Susan George epic Dirty Larry Crazy Mary. Then we time travel to 1975 for more Peter Fonda . . . this time alongside Warren Oates in Race with the Devil. Cross must like him his Fonda. But who doesn't, really?

The After Movie Diner, and our review of Dirty Larry Crazy Mary, goes live Monday, Aug. 20. Then hit up The Basement on Saturday, Aug. 25, for our thoughts on Race with the Devil. It will be so awesome, you'll be awesomed out by its awesomeness.

Stick with us!

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