Thursday, August 23, 2012

Justice is served in this Dredd 3D TV spot

There's less than a month to go before Dredd 3D hits theatres and I gotta admit, I'm psyched for this one!

Why, you ask? It's an R-rated Judge Dredd movie written by the man who penned 28 Days Later and Sunshine -- Alex Garland. And it stars Karl Urban, who deserves to be a movie star more than most movie stars.

Sure, there have been complaints about the casting (Rob Schneider was in the Stallone version), size of the helmet (get a life) and that the plot resembles The Raid (this was written first). I say stop your bitching and get ready to enjoy what looks to be a violent B-movie blast. And early reviews promise the same.

The TV spot below shows a lot of what we've seen before, only with added Dredd dialogue that just oozes cool. I'm ready for this movie and have marked Sept. 21 on my calendar.

Bring it!

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