Monday, August 27, 2012

New Orleans slasher Hunter closer to financing

At the start of last season we told you about a low-budget, indie horror flick looking to get off the ground called Hunter. Since then, writer/director Ryan Shovey and his crew have busted ass on the project, and it looks like the hard work has paid off.

Shovey emailed us this weekend, saying he's completed a Hunter short film that he can use to generate interest and entice investors. And it sounds like money could be coming down the pike very soon.

We've seen the short, and wish we could post it for you here. It's polished, full of old-school slasher scares, and promises audiences great things when the Hunter feature becomes a reality. Given that the short will be circulating at film festivals and crossing financiers' desks, we have to keep it our little secret.

But, as soon as we can let Basement Dwellers see it, we will. In the meantime, follow Ryan on Twitter and check out his official site.

Keep up the great work guys!

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