Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jason and Shawn review I Am Bruce Lee

I Am Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this documentary attempts reveal why Bruce Lee's flame burns brighter now than the day he died over three decades ago. The greatest martial artists, athletes, actors, directors, and producers in the entertainment business today share their feelings about the one who started it all. 

Shawn: I Am Bruce Lee doesn’t bring anything fresh to the story of Bruce Lee that a die hard Bruce Lee fan doesn’t already know.  It does put a Spike TV spin on it, and brings in a few extra people, which was neat. 

I was particularly fond of the respect shown by Dana White and his UFC crew. Kudos. While Bruce Lee wasn’t the pioneer of mixed martial arts, he was the pioneer of its’ Westernization. For that we thank you.  Kung fu movies wouldn’t be the same without you. 

That said, this wasn’t a fantastic documentary. I definitely almost shed a tear, yet… it’s the story.  Not the quality of the doc. Cheers to Spike TV for keeping Bruce fresh in the mind of the generations to come.

Also, Al Bundy is a martial arts practitioner? Haha. Cool. Likely wouldn’t have been, without Bruce.

I almost gave this documentary a Bad, but it does rate a Good because it's about Bruce Lee.

Jason: I'm not afraid to admit it, but when this documentary gets to Bruce Lee's death, I bawled my eyes out. The images of him and Brandon, the reaction of his friends and fans, it cut like a beautiful knife. This documentary brought out some heavy emotions at this point. 

That said, this is a Spike TV documentary, which means its more about entertaining than informing. I mean, It had the douche from the Black Eyed Peas and Kobe Bryant in it. Come in! Do we really care what they think? Not I.

Still, if you like Bruce Lee, then this is a must watch. Sure, it doesn't cover a lot of new ground, but it's interesting and informative. I leaned some things here that I didn't know before. How Bruce became a hero to minorities and I enjoyed delving deeper into his philosophies.

I watched this once, dug it, and I'm done. A Bad from me. 

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