Sunday, August 19, 2012

Girl’s Eye View: The Expendables 2

Allow me to quickly introduce myself: My name is Kara, and I live over at . I have no experience in the movie industry, other than watching and appreciating them. I thought I would offer up my movie reviewing skills, or lack thereof, to The Basement to give readers a female perspective on movies, new, old, good, and bad.

First off: I will admit that I’m a late bloomer when it comes to appreciating old action flicks. Being a girl, I tend to steer more towards tear-jerking romantic comedies rather than blood and guts action flicks, but thanks to my husband, I caught up on the “classics.” And, man, am I glad I did before watching this movie. (I just watched Die Hard for the first time last Christmas – shame on me, I know)

When the first Expendables movie came out, I was quite pleased by the ensemble cast. The second edition though? I was over the moon stoked to see it. It didn’t hurt that my “other husband” Jason Statham returned for the sequel, but I digress …

What can I say about this movie other than how awesomely chock-filled of cheesy 80’s excellence it is? From the beginning to end action to the not-so-subtle movie references, I was giddy during the entire movie. It did not disappoint me at all. Actually, that’s a lie – I somewhat expended Ah-nuld to make some kind of “Get to the choppa” remark, but I’ll forgive him.

I really think the Expendables 2 is one of the underdog movies of the summer, with big blockbusters such as Total Recall, the Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy dominating the box office, but if you really just want to enjoy a no-frills, shoot-em-up movie that’s just fun to watch, this one is the golden ticket.

I will say that I was marginally surprised to see a female (Maggie, played by Nan Yu) join the Expendables, but it was a nice break from the overly-toned trapezius muscles. It also just goes to show that girls can kick a little ass too.

Overall, this girlish movie goer really, REALLY enjoyed this movie. Sure, it lacked the twists and turns in the plot that most action movies have these days, but it was GOOD. No confusion, no mess (other than the itty-bitty human pieces blown everywhere in the movie), just a bunch of WIN. 

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  1. Great write up! welcome to the Basement!
    I just saw it for a second time and it is just awesome, big smile on my face the whole time.