Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fred Williamson joins cast of Billy Trigger

Big news for movie fans as the upcoming action flick Billy Trigger adds former football player, sports commentator and veteran actor/blaxploitation star Fred Williamson to the cast.

Williamson -- whose diverse credits include dozens of movies and TV series including M.A.S.H., Hell Up in Harlem, From Dusk Till Dawn and 2004's Starsky and Hutch -- joins Matthew Bennett, Pia Metni and John Fallon as Billy Trigger. Fallon, Berge Garabedian, and Christian Viel produce with Viel also on board as director.

The plot, for those who aren't in the know, is as follows: Irish mobster Billy Trigger has been the O’ Brien family’s number one enforcer for three years now. And for good reasons; he is cold, calculated and relentless and has never tackled a job he couldn’t finish. His life is trouble-free and solitary as it mainly consists of: loose women, doing the work and cashing in. That’s until Pops, the head of the organization, hands him his next assignment.Trigger is tasked to look over Pops young mistress, Catherine, while he’s away. Of course, nothing goes as planned and Trigger ends up on the wrong side of Pops esteem… What happens when the best in the business is pitted against the business? Place your bets!

Cameras roll on Billy Trigger in October.

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