Friday, August 24, 2012

First look at British found-footage horror tale Hollow

Just when you thought the world was done with found-footage horror flicks another one pops up and goes "Boo!"

The latest entry in the beaten-over-the-head subgenre is Hollow, a very well-reviewed movie about four friends in Suffolk, England, who discover a frightening local legend and find themselves battling an ancient evil. That doesn't sound very charmingly British at all!

I don't see what more can be done with the found-footage format, but the good buzz around Hollow has me somewhat interested. Hell, this is The Basement: if we watched 2-Headed Shark Attack we'll watch anything!

Check out the preview below and decided if Hollow is worth the watch once it hits home Sept. 19.


  1. Wow... when the trailer started I thought 'same old, same old' but as it went on I was completely wrong. It looks quite interesting, very Blair Witch which I think we need after some very, very bad found-footage (though I am a fan of the genre!)

  2. I agree! This does have potential. Look forward to seeing it!