Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh hell no! Halloween being remade again?

So say the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, who revealed today that Platinum Dunes is no longer moving forward on Halloween 3D or the Hellraiser reboot. But sources told the site Harvey and Bob Weinstein, the brothers in charge of Dimension Films, are contemplating another relaunch of the Halloween franchise, which they took over with Halloween 6 and continued through Rob Zombie's recent reboot.

All I can say is fuck no. Please fuck no even. Stop. Just stop. We don't need another reboot, especially considering that Zombie did his just five years ago. Love them or hate them, his film's exist. But we don't need a third film or a relaunch.

You want to make money off the Halloween name, Weinsteins? How about re-releasing the original films in theatres. One every Halloween would be great. But leave the franchise alone and come up with a new, original idea. Horror fans and movie fans are hungry for one. Make a good movie, and we'll come and watch it. Leave the brand names alone.

That's my worthless two cents anyway.


  1. I can't bloody believe this... Does Hollywood honestly have that little respect for fans, and the movie audience in general?

  2. Word! (And THANK YOU!)