Friday, July 13, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe will grown Horns

The Harry Potter star is certainly doing everything within his power to have a career beyond the blockbuster film series that made him a household name. And he's turned to the horror genre to make that happen.

And we say good for you, Daniel Radcliffe!

First he took the lead in the creepy as hell Hammer production of The Woman in Black and now he's returning to the big screen with an adaptation of Joe Hill's novel Horns, replacing the previously announced Shia LeBeouf.

Even more interesting is that Radcliffe will be directed by Alexandre Aja, he who made the brilliant and bloody High Tension and Piranha 3D. He also helmed The Hills Have Eyes remake.

Radcliffe will portray the number one suspect in the rape and murder of his girlfriend. He awakens one morning to find horns growing from his head and realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give into impulses. This proves an effective tool in his quest to discover the circumstance behind his lover's death.

Horns goes into production this fall.

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