Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman and Shawn.

After the grossness of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man franchise, one would wonder why I would look into another "Spidey" reboot.  What's next?  I watch The remake of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?  Fuck, no.

This was pure curiosity.  Like watching one train fly off broken tracks, then seeing another train following the same tracks.  Could they be repaired before derailment?

In a phrase, "I don't know".  This version was definitely  better than all of the Raimi shenanigans. It was a tad darker, better acted and no Mary Jane. (Dunst).  It was a full on reboot, with scenes vaguely familiar in a lot of senses.  Comics, cartoons, movies...

I think, this reboot didn't need to happen from the beginning.  The bigger budgeted, flashier Raimi versions familiarized most of earth with spider-man.  They could have jumped in anywhere, here.  They could have brought in more excitement, more something that wasn't a love story.  There were quite a few weak, awkward moments too.

 Maybe the half hour cartoons were the best, because they maximized the action, in such a short amount of time. No real room for mushy emotions. Boo.

The Lizard made a cool adversary and I thought was done pretty well.  But it is 2012... Marty McFly travelled to a future, that was only a few days ago, and we still don't have flying fucking cars that run beer cans and banana peels.  So seeing a lizard man on the big screen, better fill the gap of the flying cars we don't have.

 I gave all "Spider-Raimi" versions an ugly.  And a single finger salute.  This reboot shouldn't have had to happen.  Especially so close to the conclusion of Raimi's.  The Amazing Spider-Man isn't awesome, isn't mind blowing, or even eye candy.  But it isn't Raimi's spin, and so, at least worth the watch. I give this one an A for effort and a Bad for The Basement review rating.

...And tip:  Wash your mind of the Raimi versions before seeing this one.  That helps.  I used bleach. haha.


  1. I liked it, good chemistry between all the characters. They were likeable. Storyline was interesting and bad guy was formidable. Nice summer movie. I am looking forward to PARANORMAN and The Lords Of Salem.

  2. Appreciate the comment Daph. I haven't seen it, but will eventually. Dark Knight Rises is next on my list! - J