Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A second look at Six Degrees of Hell

October is little more than two months away, which means our Season Four kickoff is ever closer. And with that comes The Month from Hell.

Below is the new trailer for the film at the core of The Month from Hell -- Six Degrees of Hell. Touted as the scariest movie of this year, director Joe Raffa and writer Harrison Smith spin a yarn about a paranormal investigator retracing the steps of a friend who has gone missing against the backdrop of horrific events at a creepy hotel.

The movie sounds great, and the trailer below hints that the final film will be winner. As for The Month from Hell: we interviewed Raffa, Smith and stars Nicole Cinaglia and Brian Gallagher and have one more interview scheduled at the end of August. All of these will be rolled out when the show returns in October, just in time for Six Degrees of Hell's release.

Until then, watch and enjoy the trailer!

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