Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Urban legend flick Munger Road gets a September release

It's been almost a year since we told you about director Nicholas Smith's urban legend/horror tale Munger Road. At that time, the flick was set to unravel in cinemas last Sept. 30 but then poof . . . nada.

Well, we learned today courtesy of our friends at Arrow in the Head that the film will unravel on DVD, digital download and Video On Demand this September -- Sept. 11 to be exact --  care of Freestyle Digital Media. Sounds like something we'll be catching early into Season Four.

The film follows two police officers as they pursue a killer on the same night four teenagers disappear while investigating the legend of Munger Road. We've included the trailer below for your eye holes.

As for the story of Munger Road: years ago a school bus filled with children stalled at a railway crossing on Munger Road. Sadly, a train slammed into the bus, killing everyone on board. According to the legend, if someone dusts powder on a vehicle's back window, stops on the same set of tracks and shifts into neutral, hands will appear on the window as if the spirits of the dead are trying to push the vehicle off of the tracks.

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