Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jason and Shawn review Mother's Day (2012)

Mother's Day

Jason: I haven't watched the original Mother's Day, so I have no idea how this compares to that alleged classic but, on it's own, it's not bad. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would anyway, given I'm not into the whole brutality-for-brutality-sake thing. Most of this movie's strength can be found in the performances. All of the villains are great, especially Rebecca De Mornay, who gives a solid -- if not a little one note -- performance. I hated all of the victims save for Shawn Ashmore. For a group of friends they sure turn on each other quickly. I liked a lot of this, but I won't watch it again. It was too long, too overwrought at times, and very mean spirited. If I want to watch a hard-nosed home-invasion movie again, I'm catching Kidnapped.

Shawn: Here we have a movie that slipped below the radar. There are a few reasons for that, I’m sure. I haven’t seen Rebecca De Mornay in anything in a long long time. The movie was interesting, had some decent violence, and some really decent acting in parts. My biggest problem with this movie, though, is …De Mornay. I think she was poorly cast. It was really hard to believe her character. Perhaps I was trying to compare her to the original Mother’s Day mother. Ha ha. Even though De Mornay was haggard enough. Her lines seemed forced as well and , for me, this really detracted from the movie. I’m going to give this a Bad.

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