Monday, June 4, 2012

Horror and romance collide in Mischief Night

What if Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees developed the hots for the hot girls they were trying to kill? I kinda sorta think that's what's being alluded to in the below trailer for Mischief Night.

Written and directed by Travis Baker, this indie horror film takes the stereotypical story of a teenage babysitter stalked by a masked killer and turns it on its ear, with killer and victim developing romantic feelings for each other.

Shawn and I aren't big on romance, so Mischief Night -- that's the night before Halloween to you -- has a tough road to slog. But . . . and this is a heavy but . . . if Baker can deliver the goods and keep the romance dark and disturbing, this could work. Plus he's got Malcolm McDowell playing a character named Dr. Smiles, so maybe this will have a sense of humour too.

Besides, who doesn't like a Halloween-themed scary movie?

No word yet on when Mischief Night will hit theatres. As always, Basement Dwellers, we'll keep you posted.

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