Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anthony Michael Bosa reviews Prometheus

You remember frequent Basement guest Anthony Michael Bosa? Of course you do! Guess what? He's seen Prometheus, and has been agreeable enough to share his thoughts! Read on!

If you go into this movie in any way expecting to see ALIENS you will be extremely disappointed. You need to go in and expect to see a movie based in the same universe as the ALIEN films. Once you can accomplish this you will enjoy what you are watching. This movie gives you glimpses of how the Alien came about and it's ability to destroy worlds. You will also see how other beings try to mess with biological warfare and it never turns out well for anyone. Characters are OK. Enemies are OK. The SPACE JOCKEY, now called, "ENGINEERS" are pretty bad ass. The big question is, if you plan to go into space and find human kinds beginning, wouldn't you bring some bad ass soldiers along with you? Wouldn't you bring a spaceship with some awesome firepower? I mean, even Kirk brought red shirts with him. I'm just saying..... I give it a Bad.

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