Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sara Paxton invades your home in Static 3D

Although it bears more than a passing resemblance to 2008's The Strangers, the upcoming home-invasion thriller Static does seem worthy of attention.

For one, the home invaders are supernatural in origin, which makes them a more interesting foe. And there's the presence of genre staple Sara Paxton, who made Shark Night 3D interesting simply by wearing a blue bikini. Throw in another hot Sarah, Sarah Shahi, and we could have ourselves a winner . . . or at the very least a passable time waster.

Shahi and Milo Ventimiglia play a couple on the verge of divorce after the death of their child. Along comes a stranger, Paxton, with a bizarre story that brings supernatural visitors into their home. Cue scares.

We've got a preview below, so you can judge for yourselves if Static is worth the watch.

As for the 3D, the film is the first indie feature shot in the third dimension. Why director Todd Levin chose 3D for a home-invasion movie remains to be seen.

No word yet on when Static hits theatres.

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