Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dark Fest 2013 is a go!

Sat down with our amigos at the Kamloops Film Festival Committee tonight and received the good word that Dark Fest 2013 is a go!

Why? Easy! The crowds loved it, they wanted more, and the positive buzz spread beyond our humble little town. Dark Fest 2012 was a hit, and hits always mean sequels. This is the film business after all.

The plan thus far is to have a 9 p.m. screening on the first Friday and Saturday night of the Kamloops Canadian and International Film Festival. The committee doesn't intend to hold late night screenings with the mainstream festival on those nights, which will avoid any competition. Festival dates haven't been confirmed.

We haven't locked the films that will be screened or the attending guest. But Shawn and I pledge to continue the awesome that was Dark Fest 2012. I do recall a certain John Fallon mentioning that Dead Shadows would be ready by early next year, and our favourite Twisted Twins -- Jen and Sylvia Soska -- do have American Mary due out some time this year. Hint hint!?!

We will keep you posted on Dark Fest 2013 as it develops. Thanks to everyone who supported the inaugural festival. We won't let you down.

Stick with us!