Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazon welcomes some Mysteries Most Macabre

Early last season Shawn and I introduced you to retro world of John C. Alsedek and his Blue Hours Productions. 

We say retro not because of John's love for 1930 fedoras and trenchcoats, but because he writes, produces and does the voice work on radio-style dramas for Blue Hours along with his partner in creativity Dana Perry-Hayes.

John let us know today the Blue Hours audio-horror series Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc. is now available for instant download on

Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc. is a tongue-in-cheek 1930s detective series about Blake and Beatrice Ashton, a Cary Grant/Kate Hepburn-style couple who always end up on cases that take a Supernatural turn. 

Production has already begun on the next seven episodes of Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc. Blue Hours has also started work on the first installment of Cthulhu Radio Theatre, a series of Mythos stories adapted for radio dramas in conjunction with Miskatonic Books.

Blue Hours is also editing the pilot episode of their revival of the classic anthology series Suspense, with the BBC and National Public Radio expressing interest in the production.
Congrats to John, Dana and the entire Blue Hours crew. This is very good news indeed! Keep up the good work and we'll be sticking with you!

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