Monday, April 30, 2012

Will Amber Heard become Subject 6?

Love her or not, Amber Heard is becoming the new It Girl for horror. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Drive Angry, The Ward, Stepfather and Zombieland. That's an impressive resume for a Scream Queen.

And it looks like the lovely lady is at it again. Word has it via Bloody Disgusting and Arrow in the Head that Heard has been offered the lead in writer/director James Seda's psychological horror film Subject 6.

Described as a mix of The Matrix, Dark City and Cube, Seda's film finds the heroine part of a government experiment. Sealed in an isolation room and under constant surveillance, the psychology student at first believes she's a paid participant in a month-long behavioral study. However, she soon suspects she's actually a prisoner who must find a way to escape before losing her mind.

No word yet on when the film goes into production. For the record, when it comes to Heard: I'm a fan. Shawn's not.

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