Monday, April 16, 2012

Watch The Pact trailer, have not so sweet dreams

Been a busy night in The Basement recording our May Special and making plans for the upcoming season (big plans. Mickey Rooney big!). But a Monday wouldn't be a Monday without an update here on the site.

And this update -- a creepy as fuck trailer for the upcoming haunted house flick The Pact -- guarantees I'll have another beer or three before hitting the hay. And we have our good friends at Arrow in the Head and JoBlo to thank for it.

Nicholas McCarthy's film deals with a woman struggling to come to terms with her mother's death when an unsettling presence surfaces in her home. Given what we see in the nightmarish trailer below, unsettling doesn't even begin to describe the scary shit that goes on. Fortunately, we like scary shit here in The Basement.

The film was recently picked up by IFC Midnight and hits VOD in May and gets a limited theatrical run in July. It will be seen in The Basement as soon as we can get our mitts on it. Until then, watch the preview and don't look over your shoulder!

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