Friday, April 27, 2012

Grave Encounters 2 goes meta

Shawn and I loved the shit out of  The Vicious Brothers' Grave Encounters. Unfortunately, our audio thoughts were lost when The X's equipment ate that particular episode, so all you can do is read our praises right here. Bad X!

The Vicious Brothers have penned a sequel, which follows a group of teens who break into the abandoned hospital from the first movie only to learn that Grave Encounters wasn't just a film . . . it was real!

Like I said in the headline, meta!

I like this idea very much. The only bad news is the brothers aren't directing the follow up. Some guy named named John Poloquin is. But, as long as the sequel lives up to the shorts shitting entertainment of the original, I'm down with it. A big part of any film's success is the script.

We'll keep you posted on Grave Encounters 2 as it develops.

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