Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boys will be girls in Girl Talk

Writer/director Michelle Fatale has been a Facebook friend for almost two years now but it's taken my slow ass that long to actually catch one of her films. Lucky for all you Basement Dwellers that film is Girl Talk.

The 14-minute comedy went live today on Facebook, and we're proud to able to present it for you here on the site. 

Co-written with Anthony Larice, Girl Talk is about Jim, who reluctantly accepts help in the garage after his wife (Fatale) introduces him to his new neighbor Taylor. The pair spend an awkward afternoon together in silence until Taylor finds a truth or dare game from the late 1980's for preteen girls. After some convincing, Jim agrees to sit down with Taylor, have a beer, and spin the wheel.

Larice co-stars along with Michael Glacier and Melina Valencia. I highly recommend readers check the film out right now. It's a breezy, entertaining short with plenty of laughs, the sequence where Taylor is dared to laugh being my favourite.

Well done Michelle. We look forward to seeing more of your work!

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