Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meeting Evil shows the mean side of Samuel L.

Not that people are really interested in the warm and fuzzy side of the legendary actor. But the badassness that is Jules Winnfield is on full display here in this trailer for the new noir thriller Meeting Evil.

The film stars Jackson and Luke Wilson (yup, still alive) in a story of a man with nothing left to lose who meets a mysterious stranger and goes on a murder-fulled ride of transformation. Guess who Jackson plays. One hint: he's not the guy with nothing left to lose.

Chris Fisher directs from his own script, which is adapted from Thomas Berger's novel of the same name. Leslie Bibb, Peyton List, Tracie Thoms, Ryan Lee, and Muse Watson round out the cast.  

Meeting Evil sat on a shelf for a year and the trailer below doesn't blow me away. But Jackson does come across as genuinely, well, evil. Too bad the unfunny Wilson brother is in it. Wait, there really isn't a funny Wilson brother is there. Not a question. A statement.

Sadly, Meeting Evil opens May 4 against The Avengers. Watch the trailer and weep for this movie.

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