Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look up in the sky . . . it's the Man of Steel logo

Sorry, it was just too easy. But what other way is there to introduce the official logo for Warner Bros. upcoming Superman flick Man of Steel?

And it's nice to see that director Zack Snyder and company are pretty much going the traditional route for the latest telling of the Son of Krypton. The logo is a little darker, a little more gritty, but there's no way to mistake that this is a Superman movie.

We've balked at the project in the past because, really, does the world need another Superman origin story? No. But Shawn -- the world's biggest Superman fan -- likes what he sees so far in terms of Henry Cavill's physical interpretation of the character. And praise Jebus Lex Luthor isn't the main villain.

Amy Adams and Russel Crowe co-star in the film, which is still in production. Man of Steel is slotted to hit theatres in June 2013.

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