Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A look back at Dark Fest 2012

Dark Fest 2012 has come and gone and Shawn and I are proud to report it was a success! There's a lot of surreal shit still reeling around in the grey matter but we figured the time had come to do some kind of post mortem here on the site. Hell, The Arrow already posted his :)

First off, thanks to the man himself, John Fallon, for coming out and supporting our inaugural festival. The Arrow stepped up, lent us a hand, and wowed an enthusiastic crowd that came out for the Deaden screening. Some dudes even travelled three hours to watch the flick and hear him speak afterward. It was awesome! A few lucky folks walked away with some Arrow in the Head swag too, which added a fun element to night.

Next up, a shout out to Skew writer/director Sevé Schelenz for taking it upon himself to attend the festival at the last minute. Dark Fest 2012 was his flick's first showing in B.C. and he was excited to see it play. Sevé and one of the film's stars, David Macauley, also chatted the film up with an audience afterward.

We learned a lot doing this festival. What to do, what not to do. More festival banners and posters for the films would be nice. More hot chick volunteers (hey, Shawn and I are THAT guy. Don't act shocked). Locking the films down sooner would be wise.

But we pulled this shit off! And people came. And they loved it . . . well, maybe not the “older” couple who looked traumatized by Hobo with a Shotgun. But most of the people reacted exactly as they should to this kind of movie. And they want it to happen again.

So it shall. Shawn and I are committed to another festival, even if we have to put one together ourselves. Cheers to the Kamloops Film Festival Committee for letting us come on board. Let's do this again some time!

Expect more in-depth chatter about Dark Fest 2012 on Saturday's podcast. There's a lot of thoughts still running through my alcohol damaged brain. As we are known to say: stick with us!

But before I sign off, thank you to everyone who came! For the most part you were people we'd never met before, and you rock!

Now some photo memories from the weekend:

Shawn and I show off the official Dark Fest 2012 banner. Thanks to Jen Poohachoff for the design!

Shawn and John test their might at The Noble Pig following the Deaden showing

Seve and David talk Skew

John enjoys his Hab's victory. I don't

Cleaning up after the festival. Note the world's biggest bag of popcorn.


  1. just awesome. I went to the deaden showing with my bro and came to drink with you boys afterwards and it was a blast. Good to meet you fine people and i hope to cross paths with you guys again. keep up the great work and please keep darkfest rolling. i will make the trip from vancouver every year just to drink beer eat corn and watch flicks with you guys.

  2. Thanks for posting Randy and fuck yah! Dark Fest 2013 will be a reality bro! We had a blast partying with you guys as well! See yah soon :)