Thursday, March 15, 2012

Burton and Depp unleash Dark Shadows

And I'm left wondering what the fuck!?!? I remember the original Dark Shadows TV series and its early 1990s reboot as being moody soap operas about a vampire haunting his family home. This looks more like Austin Powers by way of The Addams Family.

Still, it does feature director Tim Burton's unique visual style and sense of humour. And there is little doubt Depp will bring it as the vampire Barnabas Collins. Still, I only laughed once during the course of this preview, and have no desire to watch it again or see the movie. But I post it here so you, fine Basement Dwellers, can make up your own minds.

The film stars Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pffeifer, Chloe Mortez and Eva Green . . . who certainly brings the sexy here. And we like the sexy in The Basement. Rrowrr! Maybe worth a viewing after all? Or a prolonged stint on Google images?

Dark Shadows hits theatres May 11.

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