Monday, February 27, 2012

Real Steel: Micro Review

Ever thought it would be cool to have real life sized "Rock em Sock em" robots?  How about not only life size, but bigger than life, and under your explicit control?

Well here they are.

Hugh Jackman is a pretty diverse dude.  From Wolverine to Broadway. And pretty much everything in between.  This included.

This is a "feel good" family movie.  Although, my five year old did get in trouble for the "LEFT, RIGHT, UPPERCUT" display at school.

This is a technically perfect movie, and with an almost Disneyesque feel, crossed with any Rocky movie.  However, it does have huge robots that box each other until they destroy their opponent.

 The technology for something like this has been around for a while, so while it presents nothing new, it only perfects the effects needed to pull this off.

I have been holding off from watching this movie because I have heard that it is story heavy.  I don't really like to think about the story, but this presents well, and satisfied my need for robot battle. Mostly. I'll probably watch this again, as all my kids love it, but wouldn't choose to on my own.

While it was nothing new, by today's standards and quite clich├ęd story-wise, it was completely believable. Worth a watch, once. 

Shawn from the Basement reporting with a Bad.

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