Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Robotic virus meteor catastrophe

Everyone knows that Jason and I love movies that you have almost might have heard of.

My personal favorites are disaster or end of the world movies. This movie is something I can look forward to.  I "accidentally" watched the trailer and can honestly say, "looks wicked, to me."

But, we've been fooled by trailers many, many times.
What to do?  Have faith that either three separate stories of doom and gloom are going to inflict mankind,  or one story with a triple threat is going to take us out.

Yeah, my draw to these movies?  The thought that I won't die alone.  All you fuckers are coming with me. haha.

That said, I can find little on this story, except it's directed by these guys:

Ji Woon Kim - Pil-Sung Yim 

And they are going to take out humanity!

Here's a trailer (with subtitles):

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