Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jason and Shawn review: Grave Encounters and Julia's Eyes

Grave Encounters

Jason: A personal experience similar to what transpires in this movie might make me connect with it more but regardless, this is creepy, creepy stuff. Even when things go off the rails and into the realm of the impossible, it's still believable. No monsters. No demons. Just stuff one would possibly encounter in a haunted place. This kept the movie grounded and, ultimately, scary. Nothing here is overdone. It's all slow burn. It works for the most part. Maybe things take a little too long to get going, but the payoff is there. I own this movie. I've watched it twice. I will see it again. A Good!

Shawn: This movie looks FAR too familiar for both Jay and I.  This is another case where our idea got made into a real movie. Except we did this. Did. It. Along with a psychic, skeptic and camera dude. There is the mother of all jump scares here. I don't usually like jump scares, but this one works, probably because the rest of the movie is scary too. What more can I say? Shorts. Shitting. Entertainment. Good.

Julia's Eyes

Jason: How can something that starts off so strongly end so badly? See the universe in her eyes? Lame! That said, there's a lot to like here. Some really, really good scares and suspense. Foot chase at the clinic for the blind? Loved it! Final showdown lit with only a camera flash? Very cool. A couple very good killer-in-the-house sequences. The movie is scary and suspenseful, it's got Belen Rueda – good actress, nice boobs – but it's too long and too Hollywood for my liking. I didn't mind watching it once, but it's a Bad for me.

Shawn: Man, blind people, my heart goes out to you. This movie made me feel very claustrophobic in the eye section…wow. …and the creepy eyes that some blind people have always scare the shit out of me. You know, the zombie, dead eyes. Not the wondering weird ones. Anyway, this movie had a lot of excellent elements. I really liked it, but won’t ever need to watch it again. There were too many boring times. I was let down as I thought it was going to be supernatural related. AND no boobies from the main actress, but saw other unknown characters' boobies. Like I said, not loveable. Definitely suspenseful. But still a Bad for dragging on and on.

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