Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is George Lucas done?

Holy crap! Did our very own George Lucas Death Clock scare the Dark Lord of the Sith into retirement? Has The Basement prevailed and rid the world of the future ruination of the Indian Jones and Star Wars franchises?

Check this out: “I’m retiring. I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff.”

That's what Lucas to The New York Times in an interview published online Tuesday morning. Sounds pretty promising doesn't it? Well, not really.

Lucas goes on to say he's still leaving room for a possible fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise and he might go back to his THX 1138 roots and make experimental movies that would only be shown in art houses. You know, because everyone wants him to do that. 

Still, there's hope that Lucas might finally be done tinkering with at least one of his popular franchises, which is fine by me. His new movie Red Tails hits theatres on Friday. And I don't care if I ever see it.


  1. Let him be done BEFORE Indy 5 and how about instead of making weird films for Art Houses he buys a shit ton of them and ensure they don't get closed. Considering it was his blockbuster films that put the first nail in the coffin of them anyway... can't have it both ways George, you're either a Billionaire who has fucked up the only thing you were ever loved for or an experimental artist. He's the reason why I am glad a lot of great artists died before they reached 45.

  2. Shawn from the basement says: "He still gets paid. I'll take his revenue. Retirement means fixed income. Donate to film reviews from the basement. At least we are keeping hollywood...honest? LOL."

  3. Personally, I don't think he's "done". The moment some new technology comes around that allows him to "further complete" Star Wars, he'll be back tinkering again.

    Besides, if really wanted to be "experimental," he should try something really different... create a new franchise to milk...

  4. Nicely said, Shawn. Nicely said! Lol! And yes, Jon, he can't have it both ways . . . no matter how hard he wants to.