Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ash cast in Evil Dead remake

And, as previously reported here in The Basement, he is a she this time around. Yup. Ash, or should we say Mia, is chick.

We love chicks in The Basement, but us Basement Dwellers aren't sold on this Evil Dead redo at all. Nope. Not one bit. Why? Mia is a drug addict. And she's at the cabin for detox. And she's not Bruce Campbell, which renders the existence of another Evil Dead movie pointless.

In this version, the story centers on five friends (David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia) holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead. A demonic force is unleashed and possesses each until only one is left to fight for survival. 

Oh, Mia will be played by Lily Collins (above), who also starred in The Blind Side (didn't see it), Priest (sucked) and Mirror, Mirror (don't intend to see it). The film shoots in New Zealand in March and FilmDistrict plans to release it in theatres on April 12, 2013. 


  1. Unless Bruce Campbell, or Sam Raimi tweets or comments positively about it, I won't be seeing this remake.

    Besides, it doesn't sound like there'd be much room for the humour that helped propel the original series into the levels of fandom.

  2. Anyone who has heard my podcast or knows me personally knows that I hate horror remakes, love the Evil Dead trilogy and consider this remake of the original to be utter utter horse shit but this new information from my good friends in the Basement confirms it. This remake is without merit, completely pointless and borders on criminal. So sad, so very very sad that Bruce, Sam and Rob would put their names to this and producing weight behind such utter tufts of fetid arse butter.
    I shall retreat now, away from the light and embrace the darkness. There is no good here anymore...

  3. That's what gets me too Jon. How could Campbell and the Raimis be in anyway involved with this? It numbs my mind and makes me angry. And when Julk gets angry, Julk smashes!

  4. They ARE involved? *blink*

    Then what is the point of it then? Why doesn't Raimi just make a NEW installment, rather than retreading where he's gone before?

    *shakes head in disappointment...*