Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Collector expands his work in The Collection

Shawn and I didn't mind the Saw-inspired horror film The Collector. We caught it in between our podcast season and our first season on 92.5FM The X and haven't formally reviewed it on the show. But it'd say it rates a Bad.

Surprise surprise, The Collector was just popular enough to inspire a sequel, which is appropriately enough called The Collection and has been picked up by Lidell Entertainment for distribution.

The Collection is currently in post production and no release date has been set. Given that the first film did better at home than in theatres, I wouldn't be surprised if this goes straight to DVD.

The film stars Josh Stewart, Johnny Yong Bosch, Emma Fitzpatrick and Shannon Kane. As for the plot? The Collection picks up where The Collector left off, with anti-hero Arkin hired to rescue Elena, who was kidnapped in the first film, from The Collector's booby trapped hideout. 

I enjoyed The Collector enough that I'm willing to give its sequel a try. Sure, the booby traps in the first film were a bit out there, but there was also blood and boobies. We take the Bad with the Good in The Basement.

The above picture is from the first film. I don't remember what's going on though.

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  1. Elena is a new character not from the previous film. I saw a test screening in Chatsworth. It was really good. After escaping from the Collector, Arkin is forced to return to the killer's booby trapped lair with a private security team to save the daughter of a wealthy man. Needless to say, everyone gets really fucked up.