Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Basement will be filled with Rage

Because that's the name of an acclaimed new horror movie that is being sent our way care of director Chris Witherspoon.

Made on a shoe-string budget, Rage tells the story of Dennis (Rick Crawford) who unintentionally runs afoul of a mysterious motorcyclist. The encounter sets in motion a day-long battle that grows more and more sinister as it goes along. Sounds like a gritty riff on Duel or Joyride. I dig!

The film has earned praise across the board on the independent film festival circuit. It's also scored points with Fangoria and Horror, which makes Shawn and I all the more eager to put Rage on the chopping block as soon as the screener arrives. Ditto the effective little trailer below.

Check out the film's official website and Twitter feed for more details. And stick with us for our thoughts on Rage once we get to see it!

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