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The Month of Horror Day 31: A Horror Triple Threat

The Month of Horror comes to a terrifying conclusion as Basement contributor Matt Bellamy sits down to watch three horror classic old and new: John Carpenter's Halloween, Trick r Treat and The Exorcist! How's he going to live through three frightful films of terror? Easy! He's Matt Bellamy mother bitches! 

For the big day you have to go big, or go home, which is where I watch my movies so I guess that's where I'll remain. Each of these three films are special in their own way; 'Halloween' is seminal viewing on the night of ghosts and ghouls, 'Trick r' Treat' is horror anthology done so well you can even smell the lit pumpkins and fireworks through the screen, and 'The Exorcist' is the scariest movie of all time. I think it's too bad there aren't more horror movies that deal specifically with the day of Halloween as there are so many stories that can be told, 'Trick r' Treat' certainly understood that; don't blow out your pumpkin before going to bed and ALWAYS check your candy! 'Halloween' introduced Michael Myers onto the world, an unstoppable force of pure evil, hiding behind a creepy, white William Shatner mask. Jamie Lee Curtis became the first scream queen, trapped in that closet, scared for her life while Michael burst his way in! As for 'The Exorcist'? That spider walk Regan does down the stairs, cheque please, I'm out! All three brilliant masterworks and essential viewing for October 31st. Happy Halloween!


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