Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evil walks the earth on Grim Night

And Universal Studios will finance and distribute Brandon Bestenheider & Allen Bey's thriller, with The Strangers director Bryan Bertino and Adrienne Biddle of Unbroken Films producing along with Marc Platt.

Yes, this story has to do with a major Hollywood studio, but we in The Basement want to draw your attention to it because it's an original, scary sounding idea for a movie. The premise revolves around mysterious creatures called Grims, who, for one night a year, globally torment humans, forcing them to protect themselves from the attacks. 

One word: scopin'!

The creepy as hell promo trailer that Berstenheider and Bey cooked up is credited with sealing the deal. Having watched it, I understand why. Hopefully the suits at Universal, which in all honesty is where the American horror film was born during the 1930, understand the potential and don't bugger this up in some way.