Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video hasn't killed the radio stars As Darkness Falls

Before TV, movies and video games were all the rage, radio reigned supreme. And a new production company intends to bring radio drama back into the mainstream by mixing modern technology with everything that made the medium so cool to begin with.

Formed by Dana Perry-Hayes and John C. Alsedek, Blue Hours Productions describes itself as plucky purveyors of retro-themed programming for radio, TV and the Interwebs. We've got a feature interview with Alsedek in the can for November, but he and Perry-Hayes are ready to launch their first production, the radio anthology As Darkness Falls, in a couple of weeks.

The program is a throwback to classics like The Shadow, Inner Sanctum and Lights Out!, with each 24-minute episode eschewing cheap scares for skillful acting, character development and strong plotting. The program will be available from Speaking Volumes ( in MP3 downloads, audiobooks and syndication.

We've got the preview trailer below, and boy do I wanna hear more of this! I love radio drama, and this will be a good one. But you don't need me to tell you this when you can push play and hear it yourselves!

For more on Blue Hours Productions go here! And stick with us for the Alsedek interview on Nov. 11.


  1. Sweet! I would love to have this series on CD! :D

  2. Hey Mike S! The show will indeed be available on audiobooks, just in time for Xmas. The first eps will be out as MP3s in just a few weeks. :-)