Saturday, July 16, 2011

Micro Review: Insidious

A lot of people think Insidious is a mainstream Hollywood movie but it isn't. Sure, director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell made the successful Saw, but that in itself was a low-budget effort like Insidious that exploded into popular culture. More so even than Saw, Insidious deserves it's success. This is a nightmare-inducing scare picture that generates frights from the first minute in. In fact the jolts, jumps and jitters come at an unrelenting pace at times. But the film isn't just scary; it also provides a believable and likable family at the core of the haunting to suck the audience in even further. There are few special effects at work here, just old-fashioned film craftsmanship. Sure, the second half has trouble living up to the first, but this is a great ride through a haunted house none the less. I can't praise it enough, so I'll give Insidious a Good already!


  1. I want to see this one for sure!

  2. Will be buying on Blu-Ray. You can come watch =)

  3. Pam rented it, so we watched it. Wanna watch again though... hard to focus when everyone's talking during the film. LOL