Monday, May 9, 2011

Trailer Alert: Final Destination 5

Some might groan at the prospect of yet another entry in this long-running franchise. Not I. In fact, I dig the Final Destination flicks more than the Saw films or any other current horror series. Sure they're redundant, and the last film was pretty terrible, but the other entries have been gold as far as cool and clever kills are concerned.

The Final Destination films are the Friday the 13ths of the new millennium. As long as the quality holds up and people keep going to see them, Hollywood will keep churning them out. And I will be there watching.

Below is the preview for the latest entry, and it looks damn fine. It's nice to have Tony Todd back and, for the most part, the filmmakers appear to have avoided the cheap looking CGI that sank the last film. We'll know for sure when Final Destination 5 lands in theatres later this summer.

Until then, push play and sound off!

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