Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Star Wars Blu-Ray date announced

File this under Who Almost Cares? but the complete Star Wars saga hits Blu-Ray in one massive set or two smaller sets on Sept. 16.

Shawn and I slammed the Blu-Ray release a couple of months back during our Who Cares? segment. It's not that we don't dig Star Wars because we do. The original trilogy is classic. It's everything George Lucas did with the franchise after that which is a tremendous piss off.

We can't get all that mad at the series being released on Blu-Ray as it is the hot new format everything is converting too. That doesn't mean we're going to shell out $139.99 for the complete set or $69.99 for the trilogy sets. I've got the saga on DVD and am not giving Lucasfilm another damn dime.

Listen folks: we're not telling you how to spend your hard-earned cash. But, if we stop giving Lucas money, he'll go away. We're just sayin' is all.

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