Thursday, March 17, 2011

Movie news day from hell! In 3D

Wow. Most days it's a struggle to find just one thing of interest to grace this glorious blog. Then comes today and BAM! More movie news than one can shake a stick at!

So here's a quick roundup of several items in as close to 140 characters each as we can get, because I know folks like their information quick and to the point! Enjoy:

-Director Darren Aronofsky has dropped out of the Wolverine movie well into preproduction. The film would have shot in Japan and kept Aronofsky away from home for almost a year while he is involved in custody battle with his ex, Rachel Weisz. Too bad for the movie, as Aronofsky is a great talent.

-Liam Neeson almost got replaced on Taken 2 when he told writer/producer Luc Besson he needed a break after starring in almost every second movie made during the last two years. Besson wanted to move ahead on this film this year, and was preparing a list of replacements, when the issue was resolved. Neeson gets back to kicking ass in 2012.

-A couple of weeks back we speculated on what part Kevin Costner will play in the new Superman movie, titled Man of Steel. Director Zack Snyder confirmed Thursday that Costner will be Pa Kent. Ma Kent will be played by Diane Lane. At least the cast will be OK.

-Michael Gough, the actor best known for playing Alfred in Tim Burton's Batman film, has died. He was 94. Gough achieved cult status in horror fan circles for his roles in the Hammer horror films of the 1960s.

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