Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Red Hill and Hatchet 2

Red Hill

Jason: There's a lot to like in this lean post-modern western from the land Down Under. The villain, Jimmy, is one of the best, baddest and toughest hombres to grace the screen in some time. And the character's back story actually makes him a compelling part of this movie. So much so that he overshadows the film's hero, Shane. It's the lack of a strong main character that hurts Red Hill the most. I loved the film's action and violence and it looks great, but the weak protagonist has me giving it a Bad.

Shawn: This movie starts off pretty slow but has a nice build, culminating in the worst first day on the job our hero could ever have. The build up certainly didn't let me down. The action scenes and kills are really good and brutal. The bad guy, Jimmy, is awesome. I was definitely entertained by this well-made movie and will see it again. I give it a Good.

Hatchet 2

Jason: Writer/director Adam Green comes dangerously close to dropping the ball with Hatchet 2. The film has a slow start and spends too much time setting the stage for what is ultimately just a slasher movie. But when the hacking and slashing kicks in, hold on to your pieces! The Victor Crowley sequences more than deliver the goods, with some of the best kills put on screen this side of Laid To Rest. In fact the carnage, Green's sense of humour, and some nice horror Easter eggs make Hatchet 2 a Good horror experience.

Shawn: This movie probably has some of the greatest kills ever put on screen! Some are original, some are not. Are they awesome? Yes they are! Are they CGI? No they aren't! All in all, as far as good slasher movies go, this is a fun one. It wasn't really original and the story wasn't riveting, but I did enjoy the hell out of it. Will I watch it again? Maybe not the whole thing, but I will watch the kills. So I am giving this a Good. Nice reference to Leslie Vernon from Behind the Mask too!

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