Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monsters director pegged to helm Godzilla redo

Shawn and I have yet to watch Gareth Edwards' Monsters, but the aptly named, and much praised, low-budget sci-fi horror flick is up for a review in February.

Therefor it's hard for us to get too excited by the news that the young director has been chosen to direct Legendary and Warner Bros. big budget version of everyone's favourite Tokyo-smashing creature.

That said, the Interweb is abuzz at the news, and praise for Edwards' film has permeated the geek world since it was screened at SXSW last year.  The film is supposed to be beautifully shot and have amazing special effects despite a budget of $800,000 or so. Clips we've seen look amazing.

And yours truly is a huge Godzilla nut, as any self-respecting movie nerd should be. If most of the online film community can now get excited for the project, then I suppose we in The Basement can too.

We'll let you know for sure when we review Monsters in a month's time.

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