Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Latest Battle: Los Angeles trailer ups the awesome

A trailer's job is to sell a movie to a mass audience and, more often than not, they do too good a job. Shawn, Anthony Michael Bosa and I have lost track of the number of times we've been sucker punched by movie marketing, which means you'd think we'd have learned our lesson by now.

But every trailer that appears for the upcoming sci-fi action movie Battle: Los Angeles makes the film look better and better. The latest, embedded below thanks to Yahoo Movies, is the coolest by far. Not only does it offer more action and effects, but it plays up the story's focus, which is on the military response to the threat.

All of us in The Basement were let down by the fact that Skyline focused on boring rich kids. At the very least, director Jonathan Liebesman's effort has got the character angle right. If you're going to make an alien invasion flick, give us the action!

To say we're jazzed for this film is an understatement. But we'll have to wait until March 11 to know if the final product is worth the hype. Until then, watch the preview and sound off, soldier!


  1. You guys are spot on, I too have been duped by slick cut trailers countless times and have yet to learn my lesson. I don't really mind though, I just love movies, even bad ones. Battle: Los Angeles looks fantastic and is exactly my kind of flick. I read he majority of Top Critics reviews on Rotten Tomatoes usually before I hit up a flick so I can't wait until they start flowing in. Hopefully they don't withhold this one from critics - typically a bad sign of things to come - so we can get a sense if this is more in District 9's elite company or just another dud sci-fi invasion flop. From the interviews so far it looks like we might get something special, but again those are interviews from guys who are tied into this movies fate ($) so who knows. If you guys find any reviews please link them up here as I will be searching for them.

  2. Saw the film at a sneak preview Friday evening. This film may be the worst film ever made. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes had more substance to it than this hack piece. The good news is the US Marines defeat the alien invaders. The bad news is because our US Marines win, LA can still produce more garage like this. Maybe Charlie Sheen can make a comeback. If only they had tried turning this sci-fi into a comedy it might have had a chance of success. With its bad acting, worse script, and tons of special effects, this film has a video game quality with aliens who can't shoot and US Marines who aren't much better. Oh for the life of me, where is John Wayne when we need him? Not in this movie. If you want to work on getting a case of hemmorhoids, see this movie. If not, simply know that The US MARINES AT MIRAMAR HATED IT.