Monday, January 10, 2011

Disturbia scribe on for Paranormal Activity 3

The boys over at Arrow In the Head and Bloody Disgusting report that Christopher B. Landon (Disturbia) and Michael R. Perry are on board to write the third installment in the Paranormal Activity series.

Perry is credited with the script for PA2, which Shawn and I have yet to see as catching the new releases right away isn't our gig. But we're big fans of the original and I enjoyed Disturbia. As for the plot of PA3? No damn idea. Paramount Pictures is keeping story details under lock and key pending the film's release Oct. 21.

I don't know if I care about a third movie. Paranormal Activity never struck me as a franchise but, if they make money, then Hollywood is going to beat the idea to death.

Oren Peli, who directed the original, is back as a producer.

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