Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: Satan's Little Helper and The Girl Who Played With Fire

Satan's Little Helper

Jason: Six years is a bitch of a wait to watch a movie, but finally getting to see Jeff Lieberman's low budget horror-satire made this movie geek very happy. Satan's Little Helper is a perfect companion piece to Carpenter's Halloween and Trick r Treat for a late October film festival. Granted, the film is hampered a bit by it's budget, but the ride is still a fun one. On the one hand, the film is a cautionary tale about detached, video-game playing youth. On the other, it's a creepy story about a nameless serial killer going on a murder spree in a small American town . . . with a twist! And we never learn who or why! A Good rating from me!

Shawn: Wow. This movie was neat. For the low budget, it was damn well worth the watch. This features a bunch of phenomenal Halloween costumes throughout, including a wickedly creepy Satan outfit worn by the killer. The kid, who ends up being the killer's little helper, deserved a punch here and there for falling under the villain's wing so easily, but he was also eerily likable at points as well. The film had a lot of potential that wasn't quite realized. I enjoyed the watch, but I doubt I would watch it again. This rates a Bad for me.

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Jason: A worthy sequel that can't quite live up its exceptional predecessor. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a sharp, unique and fascinating mystery. The Girl Who Played With Fire is a more standard thriller with an incomplete ending and a mystery that isn't as engaging. The film also falters by not giving its two leads any screen time together. That said, Played With Fire still has a lot to like. It's exceptionally well made and acted and features a believable take on journalism. It's a good ride, but a bit more pedestrian after the excellence of part one. Another Good for me this week.

Shawn: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is my most hated movie of all time. This is slightly better than that. I admire how well made and acted it is. This just isn't my kind of movie. They added some action which is fine, but I still feel like I wasted two hours of my life. It would also have been easier to watch had it been dubbed in English. Having to read along to the movie made a tough experience even tougher! It's not as Ugly as the first, but it's still Ugly.

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