Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: Altitude and The Human Centipede First Sequence


Shawn: This isn't a monster movie. Or is it? There may have been a monster in it, or maybe not? I hate airplanes. I can't even fully explain why, but this movie does play on that fear. That said, it's a pretty weak movie despite an interesting idea and messed up ending. The beginning and end are great. Too bad nothing much happens in between. And the cliched characters got on my nerves really fast. A Bad movie for sure.

Jason: A movie where the main idea is better than the end product. Altitude would have made a really great Twilight Zone episode, but there is not enough material here to sustain a feature film. The last 30 minutes, when we figure out what is going on and watch it all play out, are great, as is the opening scene. Too bad everything in between is pretty dull. A Bad rating for me on this one.

The Human Centipede First Sequence

Shawn: I've heard nothing but how disturbing this movie is and, in the end, I didn't find it that disturbing at all. The Saw movies are more disturbing than this. You can tell the idea was spawned from a drunken joke. It didn't rivet me to my seat, but I did enjoy it up to a point. There are parts of The Human Centipede I will watch again. And Dieter Laser, the main actor, is absolutely amazing. He's become one of my favourite movie villains. A Bad for me.

Jason: For all the fuss about how disturbing this movie is I found it really boring. Yes, the idea of people being surgically stuck together ass to mouth is gross, but the film offers little more than that. In fact, we see the human centipede too soon and spend half the movie watching people walk around on their knees stuck ass to mouth. It's pretty dull stuff. Throw in a bunch of stupid victims, the dumbest movie cops ever, little to no bloodshed and you've got a pretty lame horror movie. Ugly, is what The Human Centipede is.

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