Friday, October 15, 2010

Trailer Alert: Drive Angry 3D

Two Nicolas Cage-related stories in one week? Shawn's going to explode. But maybe not when he sees this trailer for the new grindhouse-style action/horror movie from director Patrick Lussier, who made the great My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Now there are some who are sick of 3D and will find the preview borderline cheesy, almost campy even. I agree completely. But we here in The Basement don't mind cheese and camp if done right, and we love us our ultraviolence.

As for 3D, yup. We're sick of it. But Lussier used the technology to great effect in MBV3D, so I'm willing to give him a break this time around.

Oh, and Amber Heard is in this. Yum!

The film is due out early next year. Give the trailer a view and share your thoughts.

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