Friday, October 8, 2010

Next on the chopping block: the John Fallon interview, Rampage and Bitch Slap

Alright guys and ghouls -- a bad, overused pun I know -- tonight brings the world the second episode of Film Reviews From the Basement: The Radio Show and we promise it will be a good one!

The bulk of tonight's program will be an interview with actor, writer, stunt man and film critic John Fallon, better known as The Arrow of Arrow in the Head, part of the Movie Network. The dude is a fun, honest and entertaining interview, and I am sure fans will dig it.

We've also got reviews of the Dr. Uwe Boll anger epic Rampage and the T&A exploitation romp Bitch Slap plus some music for your ear hole if time allows.

So crack a six pack or two, grab some nachos and tune in to 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops tonight at 10 p.m.or head online to A podcast version will be available on Sunday.

And now some previews:


Bitch Slap

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