Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: The Joneses and Four Lions

The Joneses


The Joneses has a lot to say about consumerism, the economic crisis and people's willingness to go into debt to achieve the American dream. However, what good intentions co-writer/director Derrick Borte had for his film are shattered by a storyline that refuses to break free of the shackles set by mainstream Hollywood. David Duchovny is still a fun screen presence and Demi Moore is looking great at 47, but I didn't buy their romance one bit. And spare me the warm, fuzzy happy ending. This could have been a good movie, but instead it rates a Bad.


Hello X-Files and G.I .Jane, long time no see.  This was the best you could get? I get it. Keep up with the Joneses. But even the Joneses are fucked up. The chemistry was terrible between Demi and Duchovny.  I know the relationship was supposed to be awkward, but the performances seemed just a little too rough around the edges. And salespeople with consciences? Please. I guess I'll have to wait for karma to come around and reward me for my hour and a half lost. This is Ugly through and through. 

Four Lions


I so wish I could write a review for this movie that would do it justice. Instead, all I can say is SEE IT! This is one of the best and funniest independent comedies to come down the pipe in a long, long time. The film is emotionally engaging without being sappy, slapstick without being silly. And it has some of the best, most quotable lines of any film since Black Dynamite. Did I mention you need to see it? SEE IT! One to own and watch again and again. A Good review from me.


Trailer Park Boys meets Hezbollah.  But a movie about British Muslims is quite a bit funnier. This movie was hilarious.  I found myself hoping that they actually succeeded.  Sick yes, but I haven't watched a good black comedy in a long time. Well done, well casted and funnier than shit!  Did I mention, it was actually funny? This rates a Good, even though one sheep was blown up in the making of this movie.

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