Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New horror franchise planned with Costume

The boys at Bloody Disgusting report that offers are being made on a new horror screenplay from writer Carter (Dead Asleep, Near Death) Blanchard titled Costume, with the hope of launching a new horror icon and franchise. 

The premise takes a somewhat fresh spin on the cliched concept of an unstoppable movie killer: a costume makes the rounds on Halloween night, possessing whomever puts it on. Actually, that does sound pretty cool. Kill one wearer, and the evil can still live on. Unless you burn the costume I guess.

In my opinion, moviedom NEEDS this. The Saw franchise has run out of steam and all Hollywood seems capable of doing is recycling horror icons from the 1980s. Hopefully a major studio will pick up the script and we'll see a decent big-budget horror series back on the big screen. Then again, Hollywood can't seem to do anything right, so hopefully an independent will pick this up instead.

Here's a preview for a Halloween-themed horror franchise that Hollywood screwed the pooch on:

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  1. Does sound like an interesting premise, though as a series, it could prove a little dodgey after more than three installments I think. There are only so many ways that a costume could be passed on to someone- especially in one night.

    But, yeah, Hollywood's Golden Age of movies has definately passed...

    And I whole heartedly agree that they screwed up royally with "Trick r Treat". It's a great homage to "Tales From the Crypt", "Creepshow", and "The Twilight Zone". I would live there was one of these types of movies every Halloween. The anthology format suits the holiday so well.